What I do.

Here at Fractal Works I bring your ideas to life. You conceptualize, I consult, and together we create. As a highly motivated engineer, I work with my clients to produce rapid designs, prototypes, schematics and analyses. I shepherd our clients’​ projects through the entire product development cycle. The diversity of my services include schematic and early stage design, programming, CAD design, CFD and FEA simulations, structural and tolerance analyses, financial and market analyses, development of BOM, and overall design consulting.

Why I do it.

I devote my expertise to sculpting what could be into what is. My passion for developing concepts and sparking existence to these ideas drives me to accept nothing less than excellence in my work.   Whether the project is a simple schematic, a prototype, or an industrial-grade design, I enjoy collaborating with my clients in any and all parts of the product development cycle.

Why Fractal-Works?

A fractal is a mathematical structure in which each component represents the same character as the whole. Fractals are used in modeling geometries that get progressively more complex and chaotic – yet remain ordered nonetheless.

Here at Fractal Works, I utilize specializations and subject matter expertise in order to provide a diverse range of services- branching out and doing in depth research in order to have a better understanding of any project and working to make the concept a reality.